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A pilgrimage is a religious journey, and people would often times, and they still do, go on a pilgrimage to hopefully become more religious, to connect with their god(s). Or they might do it to prove their loyalty to their religion.

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To get to the other shrine

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Q: Why did the friar go on pilgrimage?
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Who might go on a pilgrimage?

Anyone can go on a pilgrimage, it just depends on what their pilgrimage is about.

Do you have to be a christian to go on a pilgrimage?

No you can go on a pilgrimage for any number of reason but mostly it is spiritual in nature

Do Christians go on pilgrimage?

Yes. There are hundreds of places of Christian pilgrimage.

Why would someone want to go on a pilgrimage?

Because of love and faith one is compelled to go on a pilgrimage.

Why do Hindu's go on a pilgrimage?

Hindu's got on Pilgrimage to pay respect to God and the religion

Do Jews go on a pilgrimage?

No, Jews stopped going on pilgrimage with the destruction of the Second Temple.

Do you wear special clothes when you go on a pilgrimage?

No you don't have to wear special clothes on a pilgrimage

Who would go on a pilgrimage nowadays and where might they go?

A follower of Islam may make a pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Where do Muslims go on pilgrimage?

To Makkah ; exactly , to Arafat then Mosdalifah then Mina .

Where do the pilgrimage go?

They go to places deemed holy.

Where do Muslims go on pilgrimage and what do they do?


Where do Hindus go on a pilgrimage?

a place