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Q: Why did white slavery end in America?
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When did wage slavery end in America?


Did slavery really end?

Yes, in America slavery did really end after the Civil War. After the war was over slavery was abolished and was no longer legal.

How did slavery end you America?

we whites had to do stuff on our own

What was the white reaction to the end of slavery?


Was the primary purpose of the Declaration of Independence to persuade England to end slavery in America?

Yes, one of the main purpose of the declaration of independence was to persuade England to end slavery in America.

The anti-slavery movement in America was known as?

The anti-slavery movement in America was known as the Abolitionism Movement. Abolitionists called for a total end of slavery and worked diligently towards that end until the Civil War. The Quakers were the first group to call for the end of slavery.

Which group of people were fighting to end slavery in America?


What is a good sentence using the word slavery?

Seeing slavery as a moral and ethical wrong, the majority of America voted to end slavery.

Why did it take so long for slavery to end in America?

The first countries in the world to abolish slavery were in Europe and North America. Many countries in Africa did not abolish slavery until the 1980s.

How long did slavery end in the US of America exact?

25 years

Washington was one of the most important leaders and bring freedom to America but he had one great failure what was it?

He did not work to put an end to slavery.

Who was the 1st white abolitionist to call an end to slavery?

Fredrick Douglass i think