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To be able to do it

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Q: Why do members serve in the committee?
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The house of repersenetives has 435 members if a committee has a prime number of members and that number is a factor of 435 then how many members can be on the committee?

The committee has 3,5, or 29 members.

How many members are on the US House rules committee?

How many committee members are on the US house rules committee?

Who attends committee meetings?

legislative assistantThe members of a committee attend the committee meetings.

When all of the House members become members of a single committee they are called the?

committee of the whole

How many members of committee wrote the Declaration of Independence?

Five committee members.

Who elects the committee members?

There are various people who may elect the committee chairman. He can be elected by board members or all stakeholders at an annual general meeting.

When was Strengthening Church Members Committee created?

Strengthening Church Members Committee was created in 1985.

What committee does Barney Frank Serve on?

Chariman of Finance Services Committee.

How are standing committee members chosen?

At the beginning of each new session of Congress, members of both parties decide how many members of each will be assigned to the committee. Members of Congress express their preferences for committee assignments and the whole body votes on the final committee makeup.

Which committee is composed of members from both Houses?

Joint Committee :D

Why are bills that minority party members introduce unlikely to be reported out of committee?

The majority members can kill it in committee.

When does a bill produced to the committee members go to the rules committee?

after the bill has been approved by a committee