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Because that's how Congress wrote the laws. A child no longer qualifies the parents for the child tax credit the year s/he turns 17. The parents may be entitled to the stimulus payment, in accordance with the rules therefor, but will not qualify for the additional amount designated for children under the age of 17.

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Q: Why do parents of seventeen year olds not qualify for the child tax credit or the stimulus payment?
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Who won't qualify for stimulus package?

I only know if you make above $75k you don't qualify :o(

Your daughter who is an infant receive ssi will she qualify for the one time stimulus payment?

If she was recorded in the 2008 tax year, which is what I believe is being used for that purpose. Ask an accountant over the phone. A good one will answer for free.

How do you file federal tax on Workmans compensation settlement to get stimulus payment?

Workman's compensation is NOT eligible for the stimulus payment. You will not get the money based on workman's comp. You must have EARNED income. Only if you have worked and earned over 3,000 you are eligible, if you receive SS payments, SSDI and RR retirement payments. Worker's comp, SSI, Welfare, and any other type of UNEARNED income does NOT qualify for the payment.

When do the disabled and the retired get their stimulus payments under Obama's stimulus plan?

According to the AARP website, the stimulus payments of $250 per person or $500 per couple to retirees and other Social Security beneficiaries will be sent out in May. If you normally receive your Social Security payments by mail, you will receive a paper check in the mail and if you normally have your funds direct deposited, your payment will be transmitted electronically to you bank account. Other government retirees, such as Federal and State, will qualify but might have to wait and file their 2009 tax returns to get their payment.

If you filed a tax return and didn't include survivors benefits do you have to file a 1040 to recevie the economic stimulus payment?

First you need to look at the tax return you have completed. Did you earn over $3000? if YES- You do not need to do anything. You qualify and will receive your payment. if NO- you will need to file an amendment to show the income of over $3000.

what do I do if I didn't get the third stimulus check, and I know I qualify?

You report it to the IRS and your local state government

If you filled your taxes after April 15th will still get a stimulus check?

Pretty sure the only requirement to get the stimulus check is you have to file taxes for last year 2007.

You haven't worked in 2 yrs and you have 2 qualifying children Can you file taxes and get earned income credit?

IF you did NOT have any qualified EARNED income pay wages. self employment, etc that you worked for (EARNED INCOME) then you would NOT be qualified for any of the EITC amount. Did you qualify for and file a 2007 1040 federal income tax return for the tax year 2007 in the year 2008 and receive the economic stimulus payment in the year 2008 IF you qualified for it???? If you were qualified for and did NOT file the 2007 1040 income tax return you have until April 18, 2011 to file the 2007 1040 income tax return before the economic stimulus payment will no longer be available to you. To check and see if you qualify go to the IRS gov website to look at the requirements for this purpose use the search box for Economic Stimulus Payment Q and A Eligibility

When is the last day to file for the stimulus checks?

You MUST file (postmarked) no later than October 15th to qualify for the economic stimulus check.

Does hospice take your house as payment?

No; but there are indicators that qualify patients for hospice.

Where can one receive a no down payment mortgage?

You can receive a no down payment mortgage a few ways. Depending on the area in which you are buying, it may qualify for government funding. Another way is if you qualify as a military veteran.

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