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I have heard that the pens are given away as political gifts.

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They give them away as gifts after the signing.

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Q: Why do presidents change pens to sign a law?
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Why does President Obama sign documents with multiple pens?

Many presidents have done this, not just President Obama. When there is a signing ceremony, the president will officially sign the bill into law, but he will also give some pens as souvenirs to some of the people who were helpful in getting the bill passed.

Why does the US president use multiple pens to sign a law?

PenchantMany people have asked this question; President Barack Obama used a whopping 22 pens to sign the health-care bill into law on Tuesday, March 23, 2010. Why so many pens?It is a long-held tradition for US presidents to use many pens - simply because they become historic artifacts. Some are engraved by the White House and given out as gifts to those who helped pass the law. It is rumored that president Johnson used 75 pens to sign the Civil Rights Act in 1964.Other comments by our users:The pens are then presented to the sponsors of the bill and other interested parties. All can be said to be the pen he signed the bill into law with.

Why does the governor use multiple pens to sign a law?

after the bill has been signed they pens are given as gifts to supportors of the new bill

When a bill is presented to the president the presidents can?

Sign the bill into law or veto it.

Did President Bush use multiple pens?

Yes, it has become customary for the President of the United States to use multiple pens to sign an important bill into law, so that several different people can have "the pen that signed the law."

What is the most number of pens used by a U S president to sign a bill?

The pens aren't cheap bics, they cost a few dollars; but the president does not sign a law every day.

What type of pen does obama use to sign bills?

Former President Obama used a variety of pens to sign bills into law, known as presidential signing pens. These durable pens are often provided by the White House, and multiple pens are used to sign each bill. They are typically given as commemorative gifts to key individuals involved in the legislation. The specific brand or type of pen used by Obama has not been publicly disclosed.

When the president signs a bill does it become a law?

Yes, the president can sign a bill that become a law.

Can congress pass a bill without the presidents signature?

yes, if the president doesnt sign it after ten days, it becomes law.

Does the president sign bills?

Yes, presidents sign the bills that they approve of, and that makes them laws.

How can you change marijuana law?

sign a petisson and give it to the mayor sign a petisson and give it to the mayor

How do you change or make laws?

The laws change but it depends what it is.The president has to sign the paper that's of what law wants to be changed.The laws change but it depends what it is.The president has to sign the paper that's of what law wants to be changed.