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Certain groups have collective rights due to historical and constitutional reasons

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Q: Why do some groups have collective rights and not others?
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What is true about all government policies?

They infringe upon the rights of some groups

When was a Bill of Rights added to the current US Constitution?

Some believed that the Constitution did not give the new federal government the ability to restrict inherent rights, so no list of those rights was necessary. Others worried that if the rights were listed, they would invariably forget some and the list would ever be incomplete. Finally, the argument was that the states each had their own constitutions, too, and that rights were best protected at a state level.

Why do some groups use insider methods while other groups use outsider methods?

some groups do not want insider status as they may oppose govt all together or feel they will have to compromise their beliefs e.g ALF. however some groups are unable to gain insider groups this could be because of the methods they practice or their beliefs. governments generally do not like to be associated with controversial groups for instance groups associated with euthanasia. other groups may be unable to gain insider groups because their beliefs do not coincide with the beliefs of the government, this means that a groups status may change depending on simply who is government. so in answer to your question some groups choose outsider methods simply because of their beliefs and others may have to use outsider methods such as consulting opposition parties as they are unable to become recognised as legitimate by the government.

Why do first nations have collective rights?

because they want to be recognized as ppl, and to give them special rights to say they were founding ppl of Canada Some people would have us believe that Indigenous People need a revolution in individual rights. That they need to be able to enjoy the secular wonders of colonial society - and know that, after 500 years of being kept face down as a people, they can finally have a chance to live "the good life". Indigenous People just can't have that sort of life right now, we are told by these same people, because of "collective rights". A recent article by Joseph Quesnel attempts to explain. The problem, according to Quesnel, is that "the collective wields power" over individuals, preventing them from exercising their so-called "principal rights". So instead of being able to fill out a human rights complaint or buy a brand new house, Indigenous People are forced to comply to the whims of "the collective" - which is to say, the Band Council government that control it. "First Nation governments wield extraordinary power in terms of housing, employment, health and social assistance that can make the people fear government, rather than the other way around. Individuals do not possess their own property, so the collective wields power over their lives," says Quesnel. While it's true that Band Councils have a strong hold on community affairs, a revolution in Individual rights is a poor and diluted way to address it.

What are some constituional rights?


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Why do some groups in Canada have collective rights and not others?

cause there gay

Collective term for witches?

coven. Not all witches congregate in covens. Some call there groups circles, others have different names. I find the best collective term for witches is "people" or even "friends".

What is the collective noun for a group of Alpacas?

Some collective nouns for alpacas are an inflation of alpacas, others are a flock or a herd of alpacas.

What are some examples of collective rights?

Collective rights are rights held by a specific group, for example first nations people have the right to fish and hunt freely in Canada. French people have the right to speak in their own language and to be understood.

What are some differences between a state farm and a collective farm?

Some differences between collective farms and state farms were that state farms were run directly by the government and collective farms were run by groups of villagers and were controlled indirectly by the government.

What are some violent civil rights groups?

Black Panthers

What groups in society do not have access to social rights?

All groups in our society should have equal social rights but in some cases racism may affect that

Are functional groups hydrophobic?

Some functional groups, such as the methyl group, are hydrophobic. Others, such as the hydroxyl and amino groups, are hydrophilic.

What limits are placed on our rights?

Some of the limits are placed on our rights, include inability to hinder the rights or safety of others.

What is true about all government policies?

They infringe upon the rights of some groups

Do lots of countries have rights?

Yes, all countries have rights. Some have less than others.

A noun that refers to a group and may be considered singular in some instances and plural in others?

Collective Nouns

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