Why do you have politics?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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People have no choice but to 'have politics'. Consider the notion of no politics in a nation such as the US. You must understand that politics does not refer to government. Politics is what the government debate. Politics is the economy, international relations, education, healthcare, marriage, housing, the law, war, everything. We have politics because the world we live in requires it. Political thought must have entered the world in a time where there was no control. People were doing whatever they pleased.

I'm not saying politics is about control. It is about stability and a system that affects the lives of everybody. If we didn't have political parties debating over political issues we would never have a clear judgment of a situation. In theory, politicians are the people's employees. We need those people to ensure that our lives run smoothly. Without politics a person can come to your house, burgle it, kill whoever they pleased, walk a mile and do the same thing again, with no sanction or force to stop them.

I hope this answer helps. That is a very philosophical question.

Improved 10272010:

"Father of politics after sex abuse is abuse of marital status as evidence of paternity to deny paternal duties to their babies as Equal Justice for All that is infecting all systems of Justice." Justice Autopsy (C). This is the real answer to the real question of man's choice to sell his evil system as his good system of Justice that makes people do whatever they please to do. If this improved answer fails to help people outlaw politics as hurt, KEKSI asks that people please reveal and correct the error to improve it to make it correct. Thanks. KEKSI.


Politics is not the same as Law, and theoretically you don't need Politics to have a Lawful society. Under Law (English Common Law, American Common Law, Sharia Law, to name a few) crimes like theft, assault, and murder are still unlawful. Under Common Law there is the County Sheriff, and he and his deputies maintain the peace, apprehend suspected perpetrators, convene a jury court, and if the defendant is found guilty, he is sentenced. This all happens without Politics. Essential freedoms and protections exist under Law, without Politics. Marijuana would be lawful under Common Law. Politics on the other hand, in democracies, is basically the struggle of majority rule. Marijuana politics and gay marriage politics are good examples. Illegal yesterday, legal today in some areas, legal everywhere tomorrow (?) It's a constant struggle, with different factions trying to gain a political advantage. But the world of Law is comparatively stable and unchanging. Law can exist without Politics.

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Q: Why do you have politics?
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