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Grover Cleveland was elected president two nonconsective terms to be America's 22nd and 24th president!!!!!

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We dont now that Obama is the president we have had 44 presidents!!!

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Grover Cleveland was President twice, i.e. two non consecutive terms in office.

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Q: Why do you only have 43 presidents?
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How presidents have there been?

Technically, some people say that there has only been 43 presidents, but it is generally excepted that there has been 44 presidents.

Who was the 69th president?

There have been only 43 presidents, so no one.

How many presidents were there and who were they?

there were 43 presidents

Was president Lincoln a Freemason?

No, he was not. Only 14 out of 43 of the American Presidents, have been Freemasons.

Who was the only president not from Virginia?

Only 8 of 43 presidents were born in Virginia, so that leaves 35 others who were NOT born there.

What nationality were 43 of the 44 presidents from?

all 44 presidents are Americans.

How many presidents have we have?

According to the records, we have had 44 presidents, but really we have only had 43 people as president. Grover Clevland served two non-consecutive terms as president

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How man presidents has the US had?

There are 43 presidents to date. Our next President will be Obama the 44th.

How many presidents are there before obama?

he's number 44 and there were 43 US Presidents before him. x33

What age were us presidents who were inaugurated at age 50?

Only nine of the 43 U.S. Presidents were under 50 when sworn in as President for the first time; the other 34 were all over 50.

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