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Q: Why do you think public officials were exempt from the requirements of the militia act of 1792?
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How are officials selected in a democracy?

Officials are voted on by the public or appointed by other officials who are themselves appointed by the public.

Lobbyists use a direct approach with to affect decison making?

public officials

Which activity is helpful to both public officials and interest groups?

working for the election of sympathetic public officials

How does public opinion relate to public officials?

It Is becausethe........................_

What are the president's power's?

to control stuff The President has control over the Army, Navy, and any Militia. The President can also make treaties with consent from the Senate, appoint ambassadors and other public officials.

Which type of businesses are tax exempt?

Businesses that are tax exempt include public charities, organizations involved in testing for public safety, religious organizations, children and animal organizations.

Who are public officials?

Public officials are individuals who hold a government position or are elected to represent and serve the public. They have a role in making and enforcing laws, managing public resources, and providing services to the community. This can include positions at the local, state, or federal level, such as mayors, governors, legislators, and members of Congress.

What is the observance of the law on public officers?

When public officials are sworn in as public officers they agree to follow laws and have a code of ethics they must follow. This code of ethics are the laws that public officials follow.

What are public records officials called?

Public records officials are typically known as records managers, archivists, or information managers. They are responsible for overseeing the collection, organization, and maintenance of public records to ensure their accessibility and proper management.

What does the word accident mean according to public health officials?

According to public health officials, an accident means that an injury was out of anyone's control.

Did Napoleon establish elections for public officials?


How did officials guard public health?

Officials guarded public health by maintaining control over the Native Americans in the missions, and scouting the countryside for intruders.