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Q: Why do you think upper-class Latin Americans favor governments run bye caudillos?
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Who controlled many Latin Americans countries after liberation?

Many were controlled by caudillos (military leaders) after Liberation.

Why do you think upper-class Latin America favored governments run by caudillos?

I think that the upper-class favored this because they were able to hold on to power because thet were backed by the military.

What is the name of a Latin strong man?

Caudillos is it

Who were latin American countries were controlled by after liberation?


What are military leaders in Latin America called?


Most of the caudillos who ruled Latin America countries after independence?


Latin American leaders could be considered caudillos?

Some of them, yes.

Which was a major reason for instibility in Latin American countries?

rule of caudillos

What do people in Latin America want from their governments?

People in Latin America want justice, freedom, security, food and safety from their governments. These are the challenges that Latin Americans have fought over the centuries because they can't seem to have them.

Who were the caudillos?

Many Latin American army leaders had gained fame and power during their long struggle for independence. And they controlled the new nations as military dictators, caudillos.

How did the ideas of the Enlightenment influence Latin America in the nineteenth century?

by encouraging Latin Americans to overthrough colonial governments. for Nova Net

What was the name of strong men who led Latin American countries after liberation from Spain?