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Al-Qaeda is a Jihadist Organization and hates the United States for exactly the same reasons as other Jihadist organizations.

Jihadist organizations advocates the ideas that (1) national laws should be based on the Shari'a or Islamic Law and (2) the imposition of Islamic Law should be done using violence or military force (as opposed to democratically). Jihadism is the ideology that motivates al-Qaeda (and Bin Laden), Boko Haram, Islamic State (ISIL), AQIM, Hezbollah, Asa'ib al-Haqq, the Houthis, Hamas, and numerous other terrorist organizations.

Particular Issues:
Jihadist organizations' interests and beliefs have brought them into direct conflict with the United States on multiple grounds:

1) Conflict of Values: Jihadists argue that Islam as a religion supports numerous aspects of their political platform. These requisites include: (1) that there should be an Islamic government that rules according to Islamic Law, (2) that Islam supports the idea of martyrdom in war, (3) that Islam supports a traditional family structure, and (4) God's law is immutable and unchangeable throughout time. Most importantly, Jihadists argue that the ultimate project of Islam and all Muslims is to create an Islamic government that rules according to Islamic Law.

Conversely, the United States directly opposes this set of values, arguing that a secular government, peaceful interaction with possible enemies before violence, personal liberties, and human rights are preferable. Jihadists argue that the American system is a deeply immoral system. It rewards the greedy and powerful who can use the system to take advantage of the downtrodden. It values materialism and up-ends spiritualism, creating societies that care more about banalities like the latest fashions than questions about God and truth. However, most importantly, the advocacy of personal liberties and human rights is the promotion of man-made law and human choices above the Divine Mandate which is the Qur'an and the Shari'a. Jihadists see the elevation of man-made law above Divine Law to be sacrilege and an assertion that man knows better than God what he should do.

2) Direct Antagonism:
In addition to the cultural opposition to Jihadism that the United States mass-produces, the US government has also actively fought against or directly assisted others in fighting against Jihadism. There are the US Military adventures in Iraq and Syria, where the US actively fought against al-Qaeda Iraq (the forerunner of Islamic State) on the ground, bombed Islamic State from the air with a coalition of other Arab countries, and buttressed the Non-Islamist Kurdish Peshmerga on the ground. The US also fought against the Jihadist Taliban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and returned the Non-Islamist Northern Alliance to power. The US invaded Somalia several times, including during the UNISOM missions, each time explicitly targeting Jihadist groups like al-Shabaab along with pirates. The United States also provides funding and intelligence to assist poorer nations in setting up and running counter-terrorism programs, specifically designed to prevent Jihadist attacks.

3) US Support of Secular Authoritarians:
In much of the Islamic World, the Cold War period was defined by the presence of US-backed secular dictators. The prevailing view among Jihadists was that these US-backed dictators were little more than Western Proxies and not representative of the history of the Islamic World, its values, or its peoples' will, which is why they were only in power by brute force and the repression of human rights. Jihadists became the only consistent opposition to these repressive governments and saw themselves as fighting for ideological independence from the Western Proxies ruling the Islamic World.

4) Rolling Back of Islamic Lands:
Jihadists consider the Islamic World's growth in terms of territory, manpower, and control to be a positive that should be actively sought, through peace or war. As a result, any action that has rolled back the clock and "de-Islamized" lands that had previously been under the control of a Muslim sovereign is seen as a gross miscarriage of justice. (This is very similar to how Western countries see coup d'etats that replace Western-aligned countries with Anti-Western countries.) Examples of these "rolled back" territories abound, like Israel (Jewish), which was formerly part of various Islamic Empires for over 1000 years, India (Hindu), which had been under partial Islamic occupation for nearly 500 years, Spain/Portugal (Catholic), which had been controlled in part for over 750 years by the Umayyad Caliphate and its successors, and East Timor (Catholic), which had been occupied by Indonesia for decades. In all of these cases, Non-Muslims were able to cast of the yoke of Islamic Control and create their own independent countries and, in all of these cases, the US actively supports these countries with AID, trade, and military defense agreements. As a result, the US is complicit in actively undoing what centuries of Islamic expansion have wrought.

5) Assimilation vs. Muslim Identity: Jihadist groups argue that the only identity that matters for Muslims is the Muslim identity. National, ethnic, socially derived, interpersonal, work, and other identities are unimportant and should be relegated to the past. Conversely, the United States supports the notion of pluralism, which is the idea that a society should be colorblind and give people of all races and identities an equal shot as citizens. In the pluralist society, the important unifying identity is citizenship and common cultural values. As a result, the US promotes the assimilation of its Muslim population and contravenes the Jihadist belief that a Muslim's identity as a Muslim identity be their central and only identity. Jihadists also use the isolation felt by Muslims who only value their Muslim identity and do not assimilate to help them in recruiting, so, in addition to being opposite to the Jihadist vision of Muslim identity, the assimilated identity serves to make converting a Conservative American Muslim to a Jihadist worldview a more difficult process.

6) Aiding the Takfiris: Since Jihadist groups are founded by very religious Muslims, the sectarian divides between Sunni and Shiite groups come out very strongly in terms of their policy. Each Jihadist group will name all adherents of rival sects of Islam as "takfiris" (تكفيري) or "blasphemers". These individuals are now no longer viewed as Muslims and, instead, are viewed as enemies. However, the United States has openly made deals with and supported both Sunnis and Shiites, leading Shiite Jihadists and Sunni Jihadists to hate the US respectively for aiding Takfiris defend themselves and advance their "abortion of Islam".

Some examples of US support of Sunnis that angers Shiite Jihadists include: (1) equipping the Saudi Air Force, since all of their planes and ordinance are purchased from the US and are used to carpet-bomb Shiite-majority areas in Yemen, (2) upgrading relations with Egypt and Jordan following Israeli Peace Treaty with better AID packages, better trade deals like the QIZ, and higher level diplomatic arrangements, (3) business arrangements between the US and the Arab Emirates of the Persian Gulf, and (4) the US support given to Lebanon in 2005 and 2006 as Lebanon pushed out Syrian control and attempted to establish a more neutral foreign policy than the Pro-Shiite policy (favoring Syria and Iran) pushed by the Syrian Occupying Authority.

Some examples of US support of Shiites that angers Sunni Jihadists include: (1) the US Nuclear Treaty with Iran, which has led to a rapprochement with Iran and numerous large payments to Iran, (2) the overthrow of Saddam Hussein's Sunni government in Iraq to create a new Shiite government that actively persecutes the Sunni minority, and (3) the indirect creation of the "Shiite Crescent" which is an extension of Iranian power over Iraq and Syria that creates a substantial bulwark to Sunni-majority states. Many Sunnis (not just Jihadists) argue that the Obama Administration in particular has reversed the US's historic Pro-Sunni stance and is now adopting a Pro-Shiite stance. This is particularly angering to Sunni Jihadists because of the power that the US brings to the table.

7) Female Empowerment: The US actively promotes a number of programs in the Islamic World, like microlending, women's education, and other activities designed to give women an equal say in politics and determining their own destiny. Jihadists see this as a reversal of traditional roles, where men and women live in an equilibrium of different but equal. In the Jihadist view, a woman should be taking care of the home and the man should be working. Women should not trespass into men's territory and men should not trespass onto the woman's home maintenance duties. By promoting female independence and self-sufficiency, the US is seeking to undermine traditional values and Jihadists oppose this.

8) Acceptance of Non-Muslim Refugees: Particularly in the case of Islamic State, numerous Non-Muslims have come under the power of Jihadist forces. These Non-Muslims are usually required to be Dhimmis and pay the jizya, which serves as a baseline tax for the national coffers. The jizya also serves as a negative financial incentive to convert to Islam. However, the US (among other countries) is taking in Non-Muslim Refugees, which prevents these individuals from being forced to stay under Jihadist power and paying taxes. It also means that fewer people will feel forced to convert to Islam, so the religion will grow more slowly. Jihadists oppose this situation.

9) American Ethics of "Whatever": Jihadists hold that Americans were unbridled in that they allow rampant immorality under the idea that each person is entitled to live as he or she likes. If something is morally wrong, like homosexuality, sex out of wedlock, applying interest to loans, or women showing their hair, this should be banned according to Jihadists. The government's duty, in their view is correct the moral failings in others, not to allow all kinds of immorality to fester. Furthermore, the resolution of the conflict between these morally deficient people by imposing a far better moral system, Islamic governance, would eviscerate problems like torture, civil strife, etc.

10) Banking and Insurance:
Jihadists object to the wealth management that goes on in the US, which both violates Shari'a Law as regards usury, uncertainty, and risk, and which ensures predation of the poor by the wealthy. They make many of the same arguments as Socialists do concerning how inequality of wealth, lack of communal ownership, and attempts to hoard property are damaging to the social order. They see this as especially true as these banking and insurance systems are what allow the extraordinarily wealthy kings, emirs, and dictators of the Islamic World to hoard billions of dollars while their citizens starve. Since the US is the financial capital of the world and one of the main hubs for insurance around the world, the US is hated for creating this wealth system and disempowering Muslims around the world.

11) Offensive Jihad: Jihadists argue that during the colonial occupation Islam ran the risk of being destroyed under the heel of the secular European boot. To prevent this and protect Islam, campaigns of violence and religious war needed to be used proactively against Westerners to cow them into accepting Islam as the correct and proper way to rule Islamic States and for the non-Muslims to accept the Islamist mentality. Jihadists see this as analogous to how the colonizers forced secularism on Islamic States, but since Islam was more virtuous, it would result in a more virtuous world. The greatest impediment to this reversal of power and the reinstatement of an Islamic government.

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Q: Why does the Al-Qaeda hate America?
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