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You assume it has ANY!!!

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Q: Why does the US have a two political system today?
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What are the two maigor political parties in the us today?

Democratic and Republican

What is one reason the US has two party system?

The battle over ratifying the Constitution resulted in the formation of two political parties.

How does the US elect candidates?

Typically in today's political system, the two major parties, the RNC and the DNC have their own primaries to decide who is running on party funds.

What kind of political parties systems do you have in the US?

the two-party system

The two-party system in the US is supported by what aspect of the political system?

single-member districts, plurality voting, and political history and socialization

What are party system?

This term refers to a political system in which there are more than two strong parties, unlike the US which has a two-party system.

What political helped establish the two party system in the US?

the democratic-republicans

What two political parties dominate the U.S. political landscape?

The US political party system, for most of its history, has had a two party system. Most is a key word here. Bringing the question to today's US party system, the Democratic and Republican parties dominate the US. With that said, it should be noted that within each party are various "wings". Meaning in the Democratic Party for example purposes, there is a left wing of the party and a moderate wing and a conservative wing. This is true for the Republican party as well.

What political parties helped establish the two parties system in the US?

the democratic-republicans

Name the two main political parties found in the US today?

The two main political parties found in the US today are the Republicans and the Democrats. Members of the Independent Party tend to caucus with the Democrats.

What is the type of political system in the US?

We have a Constitutional Democratic Republic

What are two major political parties in the US today?

Democrat and Republican