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Q: Why is Edwin Cameron a positive role model?
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Is Condoleezza Rice a positive role model?


What are some some benefits of being a positive role model?

There are so many benefits of being a positive role model. People will look up to you and you will know that you are making a positive impact on others. Those around you will become better people and will be able to be positive role models for others. The sense of pride, humility, and happiness you will feel by being a positive role model is giant reward.

What are positive-role-models?

A positive role model is a celebrity or someone you know that sets a good examplefor others. ex. Wayne Gretsky is a positive role model because he isn't a dirty player and doesn't taunt others.

Is Beyonce a positive role model?

Yes, in my opinion

Is Adam Lambert a positive role model?

umm NO!

A NZ olympian who is a positive role model?

Louise Corcoran

How do you serve as a positive role model in work place?

can you tell me the answer

Why is Oprah a positive role model?

Oprah is a role model because she is a smart business woman, successful actress, and a generous person.

Who was a positive role model during Shakespeare's childhood?

Nobody knows. He was extremely fond of his father, who probably was some kind of role model for him.

What are the characteristics of a role model?

Positive role models often model positive choice making, apologize and admit mistakes, follow through, show respect, and are well rounded. These are just some of the many good characteristics of a good role model.

How is Dwyane Wade a positive role model?

cause he gives brain

Is charlize theron a positive role model?

Yes she is :) she is a wonderful person.