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I think we all know that answer....

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Q: Why is John Parker so important?
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Wilson Parker john?

His middle name is Parker and his dads name is Parker. He has always gone by John Parker.

When was John Victor Parker born?

John Victor Parker was born in 1928.

When did John J. Parker die?

John J. Parker died in 1958.

When was John J. Parker born?

John J. Parker was born in 1885.

When did John Parker Lawson die?

John Parker Lawson died in 1852.

When was Timothy John Parker born?

Timothy John Parker was born in 1958.

When was John Lankester Parker born?

John Lankester Parker was born in 1896.

When did John Lankester Parker die?

John Lankester Parker died in 1965.

When did John Parker - abolitionist - die?

John Parker - abolitionist - died in 1900.

When was John Parker - abolitionist - born?

John Parker - abolitionist - was born in 1827.

When did John Parker Boyd die?

John Parker Boyd died in 1830.

When did John Henry Parker die?

John Henry Parker died in 1884.