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Q: Why is eating at the right time important?
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What is the importance of eating the right kind of food?

the importance is eating the right kind of food is very important because to cause your self healthy and strong

What should you eat right now?

Eating healthy is always a VERY important part of the day! Go easy on the junk food a little. Right now I'm eating a grilled cheese! 8D

What is the Beverly Hills Diet?

The Beverly Hills diet mainly consists of eating the right foods at the right time. In other words every meal has to be the right meal, and it must be at the right time.

How do people get type 1 diabetes?

well it can come from family, like genes. also people get it from not eating at their hour not eating right or chewing it enough. eating junk food all the time, not eating healthy.

What causes diahrea right after eating out?

Why when I get diahrea right after eating its only when i eat out

What is right eating?

eating a balanced diet

Why so it important to have a vegetable garden at home?

I feel it is very important to have my veggie garden in the summer so I know what you are eating. There is no chemicals on them and they are delicious to eat right when ready to eat.

Why is hand washing so important?

The reason we wash are hands is because that when we wash are hands we are eliminating bacteria. Like if you start eating right and if you start eating and don't wash your hands you will probably get sick.

Why is it important to eat indigestible material?

Because if you don't eat indigestible material you would be eating for a long time.

Why might the level of testosterone stay the same?

Most of the time it's because your not eating right and exercising well

Where could one find information on eating right?

One can find information on eating right from several different places. Some of the places in which one can find information on eating right are: WebMD, and Eat Right.

What is the right practice of eating habits?

how we practice the eating habits