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First, there are no chapters in the constitution. There are articles and admendments. It is important to be able to change the constitution because it was written in 1787 and adopted in 1789. Our founding fathers had the foresight to see that things would be invented and society would change and the constitution would have to adapt to the changes. Electric power hadn't even been invented when it was written neither were computers or drones. No telephones or TV's and no movies. The airplane won't be invented until 1903 and so was the car in 1889. All of these things have affected society and rights. We have no idea what the world will be like in a 100 years but our constitution will meet the future needs of that world because it can change.

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Q: Why is it important to have a chapter in the constitution about how it can be changed?
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Why is the constitution very important?

The constitution was so important because it was about the people so they had wanted to see what was or what had changed.

What is the difference between the Constitution of India and South Africa?

constitution of India is not changed .while the constitution of South Africa has changed.

The most important effect of the constitutional amendments has been to?

The most important effect of the constitutional amendments is that they have allowed the constitution to stay in place. Because the constitution can be changed through amendments, there is no need to entirely get rid of the constitution.

What is called when the constitution is changed?

When the constitution is changed it is called an amendment.

What is rigid and flexible constitution?

rigid constitution are those constitution that can not be changed why FLEXIBLE constitution are constitution that can be changed through a process of amendment

How would you have changed the constitution in 1787?

i would have not changed the constitution in 1787.

What methods can the constitution be changed?

The U.S. Constitution can only be changed by Amendment.

What is it called when the constitution changed?

When the constitution is changed it is called an amendment.

How many time has the Constitution been changed?

the constitution has been changed 10 times.

What did America demand that a bill of rights be added to the constitution?

So that the Constitution could be changed as the country changed

Can the Constitution of the U.S. be changed?

Yes it can be changed by amendments.

What is a chapter of constitution?

A chapter of a constitution typically represents a section that addresses a specific theme or topic. For example, a chapter may cover fundamental rights, the structure of government, or the amendment process. Each chapter of a constitution plays a crucial role in outlining the principles and framework of a country's legal and political system.