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Pottery is one of the most common pieces found as dishes of all sort were among the most commonly used articles within any society. Retrieving water, holding food, any number of reasons were used for creating pottery.

This of course pertains to excavations of ancient ruins and tombs.

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It tells them about the culture of past civilizations.

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Q: Why is pottery important to archaeologists?
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How do you make a sentence with the word pottery?

Pottery is a excellent way archaeologists study the ancient Earth.

How do artifacts help archaeologists?

It helps it by finding broke pottery or stone tools and archaeologists know what it is by the word artifacts.

What was the main use of greek pottery?

One of the most common artifacts of ancient Greek culture is pottery. Greek pottery was an important commodity, or traded product the ancient world. Pottery was used to store & protect foods such as wine or grain on long voyages. Pottery was also collected as a work of art. Several styles of pottery had emerged by 500 B.C., & each was special to a city or region. Thousands of pieces of Greek pottery have been found by archaeologists. Archaeologists trace these artifacts to understand Greek trade routs & trading partners.

Examples of artifacts studied by archaeologist are?

Examples of artifacts studied by archaeologists are pottery and tools.

What do archaeology find?

Archaeologists find old pottery, features such as fire pits. Archaeologists are looking at human past and culture through human deposits.

What do archaeologists study to learn about early humans?

Archaeologists study early humans by digging up and studying the traces of early settlements

What do archaeologists use for clues to the past?

bones pottery and plastic Archaeologists study the physical evidence such as bones, pottery, glass, what the objects are made of, hidden towns and cities and various other objects.

Why don't archaeologists study much wood or paper or cloth?

Believe me, if Archaeologists could discover the past in wood, paper or cloth, they would. However, over time, materials, such as paper or cloth that may have contained important historical information, have been known to deteriorate (to wear away). This is why Archaeologists prefer to look for information in pottery, mosaics etc.

How does pottery help in reconstructing history?

It provides archaeologists with information regarding what stores an acient consumer shopped at.

Is pottery part of social studies?

Making pottery is considered a hobby, but the study of ancient pottery (and pottery from more recent eras of history) is absolutely part of what archaeologists and anthropologists do. Studying ancient pottery teaches social scientists how our ancestors lived, what materials they used, what art-work they put on their pottery (some pottery has beautiful decorations but other pottery might have religious symbols or even depictions of events in that culture), and other information that provides a window into the lives of past societies.

Why is it important for archaeologists for kids?

do i like perrty

Why are fossils so important to archaeologists?

Archaeologists use fossils to scan the way of living of the past people.