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the American revolution is important because it led to the revolutionary war

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Q: Why is the American Revolution important to you?
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Why was Elijah Clarke an important person of the American Revolution?

Elijah Clarek is important to american revolution because she defeated the British.

What was the most important revolution?

Probably either the French Revolution or the American Revolution

Why was the stamp act important to the revolution?

because it started the American revolution. that's why.

What happen in Boston American revolution why was important?


What are two important revolutions that changed world history?

american revolution industrial revolution

Why was American War of Independence important to French Revolution?

The American War of independence was important to the French Revolution because the Americans would not have won without the help of the French.

Why the French and Indian War important?

It was important because it led to the American Revolution

What was an important effect of the American revolution on the other countries?

The American Revolution inspired powers to take steps to stop independence movements.

Why is English men important to the American revolution?

The colonies were ENGLISH .

Where there any important battles fought in Massachusetts?

the American revolution

Who was an important woman slave in the American Revolution?

Phyllis Wheatley

What port city in Massachusetts was important in the American Revolution?