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I looked, the back of my five dollar bill isn't red, but thank you for aski g

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Q: Why is the back of your five dollar bill red?
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What is the value of a five dollar bill with a red seal with serial number A0671602A?


How much is a series 1953 five dollar bill with red print?

5 dollars

What is a five dollar bill star note with red writing worth?

50 dollars

What is the value of a red seal five dollar bill series 1922?

5 Dollars

What does the red star on a 5 dollar bill mean?

The modern US five dollar bill (or note) does not have a red star on it. some older versions did carry a seal printed in red, but this would hardly be seen as a star.

Is a 50 dollar bill red?

Yes a 50 dollar bill is red

How much is a 1928 series b red seal five dollar bill worth?

A 1928 series B red seal five dollar bill is worth around $17.50 in circulated condition and around $30 in uncirculated condition. The value of the bill will depend on the condition and serial number of the bill so it is important to assess the bill carefully before making an estimate of its value. Below is a list of factors that will influence the value of a 1928 series B red seal five dollar bill: Condition of the bill Serial number of the bill Rarity of the bill Demand for the billThe best way to assess the value of a 1928 series B red seal five dollar bill is to consult a currency dealer or professional coin and currency grader. They will be able to accurately assess the condition of the bill and determine its worth.

What is a red seal 1953b five dollar bill worth?

About 10 to 15 dollars in excellect condition

What is a series 1953 A red seal five dollar bill in fair condition worth?

About $5.50-7 or so.

What is the value of a 2.00 paper dollar bill?

A two dollar bill generally is worth very close to two dollars if it has a green seal, however, blue and red seals are worth about five dollars. If it is from 1976, it is also worth about five dollars.

What does it mean when a five dollar bill has a red seal on it?

A red treasury seal indicates that the note is issued by the United States, instead of the Federal Reserve

Is there a picture of 1963 a 2 dollar bill with red ink?

What is the value of a red inked two dollar bill