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In a totalitarian society one person is in charge. This person is called a dictator and there is no freedom of voting, expression, art, press, or personal decisions. Every thing in the society is controlled. In a democracy it is the opposite. People are allowed to vote, protest, create, and make decisions that are best for them.

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Q: Why is totalitarian often considered to be more efficient at making decisions then a democratic one?
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What are the benefits and risks of interdependence?

If interdependence implies a two-way dependence, and if each partner is equally dependent on the other for success, then there is an equal commitment to the making the partnership successful. The advantage is sustainability of the relationship, the disadvantage is that decisions are "democratic" and therefore may take longer to reach and more likely to be a compromise (which is not always the best solution). As the interdependence moves away from equality, the decisions become more influenced by the more independent partner. In the extreme the relationship becomes more dictatorial and more like "Master-Slave". Generally the relationship has less commitment in both directions and is more likely to be temporary. If one generalizes (and one shouldn't), equity partnerships, which is probably what is implied by interdependence, can be slow to progress or change but durable. The extreme alternative, independent-dependent partnerships tend to be efficient but more fragile.

Why in representatives are elected for a fixed period of time?

Members are elected for a fixed period so that people can use their preferences again after 5 years to elect their member. This is required for efficient working in a democratic system. Moreover, in democracy people have right to express their choices and elect their leaders which will not be possible unless they are elected for a fixed period.

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Which statement best describes an advantage of direct democracy over indirect democracy?

It can be better prevent political leaders from serving their own interests - Apex

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Why would a totalitarian government would be considered to be more efficient at making decisions than a democratic one?

Simply because there are fewer impediments to passing laws

Why is totalitarian government often considered to be more efficient at making decisions than a democratic one?

Totalitarian states are much much quicker at making decisions, because those that do not agree have the good sense not to mention it. Hitler was renowned for ignoring his Generals and often paid the price. Just because they can make decisions quickly does not mean it is the right one.

Why is a totalitarians government often considered to be more efficient at making decisions than a democratic government?

Simply because there are fewer impediments to passing laws

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Making decisions that help make business more efficient are part of production and operations management. Other characteristics include conscientious and tactical decisions.

In a city of 200000 people what democratic form of governance would be the most efficient?

In a city of 200,000 people, a representative democracy would likely be the most efficient form of governance. This system allows citizens to elect representatives who make decisions on their behalf, reducing the administrative burden and ensuring that decisions are made by individuals who have the time and expertise to do so. Additionally, representative democracies typically have checks and balances in place to prevent dictatorship or abuse of power.

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