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Its a right,privilege,and responsibilty

. If you don't vote, you deserve the government you get.

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Voting is very important because you take part in deciding who becomes the leader of the free world.

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Q: Why is voting not important?
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What is true about democracies?

Voting is an important process.

Why was the Voting Rights important?

The Voting Rights Act (VRA) was important because the VRA was one of the main events in the CRM (Civil Rights Movement).

Which is important equal voting rights or food and shelter?

Equal voting rights, food and shelter are all extremely important to the well being of any citizen.

Site of important voting campaign in 1965?


What increased in part because of the Voting Act of 1965?

The Voting Act of 1965 was important in increasing voter registration.

Is the most important job a member of Congress does?

Voting on a bill

Based on voter turnout statistics it is clear that many people?

find voting for president more important than voting for members of congress

Is America a liberal and conservative system of government?

it is a representative republic, that neither conservative nor liberal but favors the the voting populace. which is why voting is important.

The voting act of 1965 was important in promoting or increasing this?

voter registrantion :)

Participation in the democratic process is an important part of each individual's?

Voting and paying attention to the issues is the most important.

Why is voting an important right of American citizens?

keeps people up to date

What factor are important in predicting which citizen will vote?

Voting history and geographical position.