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without the political order the world could be mess

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Q: Why might political order be considered a public good?
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Can graffiti be good or bad?

Graffiti can be considered good when it provides a platform for individuals to express themselves creatively or convey social or political messages. However, it can be seen as bad when it is done without permission on private property, leading to vandalism and a sense of urban decay.

In order to have their beliefs considered as public opinion people must what?

Express their veiws

In order to have their belief considered as public opinion people must?

Express their veiws

What features must a poll have in order to be considered an accurate measure of public opinion?

election, interest groups, the media, and personal contacts with the public are features of an accurate measurement of public opinion

What is poltical science?

Political science is the study of systems of governance, political behavior, and public policies. It involves examining how governments operate, how power is distributed, and how decisions are made in societies. Political scientists seek to understand and analyze political phenomena in order to explain and predict political outcomes.

Is spitting illegal in the UK?

In the U.K. spitting in public is a public order offence and can earn you an £80 fine. Spitting on a person is considered assault, which will earn you a criminal record.

What are the Behaviors considered illegal because they run counter to existing moral standards are known as crimes or victimless crimes?

Public Order Crimes

Why is the work of the committee on public considered propaganda?

The work of the committee on public is considered propaganda because its main purpose is to shape public opinion, often through appeals to emotions and one-sided information. It may distort facts, manipulate perceptions, and withhold information in order to influence people's beliefs or actions in a particular direction.

What makes political system in order?

political power

Are transcripts from court available to the public?

Sort of. Normally court transcripts are considered part of the public record, and you can go to the courthouse and request copies (there's usually a copying fee involved). However, for some court cases, the records are "sealed". Depending on the jurisdiction, this might mean anything from "you can view them if you get a court order specifically unsealing them" to "the court destroys them completely."

What is the major task of confronting political science?

The major task of political science is to study and analyze political systems, processes, behavior, and institutions in order to understand how power is wielded, decisions are made, and conflicts are resolved in societies. It aims to provide insights into how governments function, how public policies are formulated and implemented, and how political actors interact with one another.

What is the definition of public order?

Public masturbation