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I'm guessing that's American Indians, and there were ALOT of reasons, but first it's important to know that many tribes did fight back and many battles were won by the native tribes.

1.)Language/Culture Barrier: Many Native Americans did not speak English and that in itself prevented full knowledge of what was going on. Also they didn't believe in owning land. When the white men asked to use the land in exchange for gifts they were under the impression that they were borrowing it in a sense.

2.)Disease: The Native Americans were not immune to numerous diseases that were brought over from across the Atlantic. The most notorious being small pox that settlers knowingly spread to the natives by giving them infested blankets. The disease killed much of their population.

3.)Weapons: This ones simple, would you rather show up to a fight with a gun and horses or on foot with a bow and arrow?

4.)Egocentrism: The white men believed that they're way of life was right and were determined to get all the land they could to keep it. this lead to the Trail of Tears and Reservations. It also led to the white men taking young Indian children and putting them in an English school to assimilate them into English culture causing a split between the children's' ties to their heritage.

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Q: Why the amerindians could not prevent their fall?
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