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the north felt like he was a father to the country because he tried to keep the north and the south together.

I don't think it was Abraham Lincoln. I think it was the" Abraham" in The Bible.

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Q: Why was Abraham Lincoln called father Abraham?
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What did Abraham father do for a living?

they were farmers

Who is Abraham Lincoln's father?

Thomas Lincoln

Who is Abraham Lincoln's father?

Thomas Lincoln

Who was Abraham Lincoln dad name?

Abraham Lincoln's father was named Thomas Lincoln.

Who was Abraham Lincoln's father?

Thomas Lincoln (January 6, 1778 - January 17, 1851) was the father of Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln's father's name?

his father name was thomas lincoln

Was Abraham Lincoln's father a member of the Whig party?

no abraham lincoln was,republican

What is the name of Thomas Lincolin's father?

Thomas Lincoln's father was actually named Abraham Lincoln. The American President, Abraham Lincoln was named after him.

Where did Abraham Lincoln make his home?

Abraham Lincoln and his father Thomas Lincoln built the log cabin in Coles County Illinois in 1831The last place Abraham Lincoln called home before moving to Washington DC was at Springfield, Illinois.

When did sara marry Abraham Lincoln?

Nancy Lincoln gave birth to Sarah Lincoln shortly after marring Thomas Lincoln. The father of Sarah is unknown. Thomas Lincoln was castrated when he was 12 and was not the father of Sarah or Abraham. Sarah and Abraham were brother and sister and they were not married. Abraham and Sarah had the same mother, but different fathers. Abraham's father was Samuel Davis. Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd.

Who is Abraham Lincoln's father what year was Abraham Lincoln president when did Abraham Lincoln die where was Abraham Lincoln killed why did they kill Abraham Lincoln?

They killed him because he set slaves free and He was killed in ford Theater

What were the names of Abraham Lincoln's parents names?

Nancy Hanks was Abraham Lincoln's mother and Thomas Lincoln raised him. That alone make them his parents. However, Thomas Lincoln was castrated when he was ten and could not father a child. That means that another man was Abraham Lincoln's biological parent. Abraham's biological father was Samuel Davis.Because Thomas was sterile, Abraham's sister was also illegitimate. She had a different father than Abraham.