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Q: Why was Melvin Evans term short as an appointed governor?
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Who are some of the favorites for the VP nomination in the Democratic Party?

Any such list of potential VP nominees is extremely speculative and depends largely on which of the two candidates eventually receives the nomination. Also keep in mind that whichever get the nomination may choose the other as their VP in order to unite the party. That said, here are some potential names on the short list: Ret. General Wesley Clark Senator Jim Webb Governor Bill Richardson Former Senator John Edwards Governor Janet Napolitano Governor Kathleen Sebelius Senator Joe Biden

Who fought in the Revolutionary war against the British and opposed the Declaration of Independence?

John Dickinson, a delegate from Pennsylvania would not vote for or sign the Declaration of Independence. This is because he felt that the colonies would be better if they reconciled their grievances with Great Britain instead of declaring independence from it. Whether he fought in the Revolutionary War is not entirely clear. Some histories state he enlisted as a private and fought at the Battle of Brandywine. Others state he served briefly as a Colonel. And another has said that Thomas McKean, the governor of Delaware, also one of the signers of the Declaration appointed Dickinson as a Brigadier General. In either event his service, if any was short.

The immediate cause for the Texan Americans' declaration of independence on March 2 1836 was?

the new president, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, cut short Stephen F. Austin's negotiations with the Mexican government and appointed a military commandant for Texas. Henretta, pg. 379.

Why did oglethorpe establish Georgia?

from presuction from king George the 3rd did you Know that Oglethorpe was in jail for a short period of time James Edward Oglethorpe. (1696-1785) British legislator, colonial governor, and army officer. Born in London, he became a member of Parliament in 1722 and supported plans for the establishment of a debtors' colony in North America. Oglethorpe and his associates succeeded in establishing the Georgia colony in February 1733, and Oglethorpe was appointed Governor. He gained the trust of local Creek Indians by ensuring fair trade practices, and during the war with Spain he led British forces into Florida (1740) and defeated a Spanish invasion of Georgia (1742). He subsequently returned to England to defend himself against various charges and was eventually appointed major general. Following the abortive Jacobite uprising in 1745, Oglethorpe was tried and acquitted for failing to pursue Prince Charles Stuart's army aggressively. Oglethorpe and others, demanding reform, proposed to establish a colony which might provide a place for the rehabilitation of people imprisoned for debt. For this purpose Oglethorpe and 19 associates received a royal charter in 1732 to found a colony between Spanish Florida and South Carolina; the trustees were to govern Georgia for 21 years, after which the province would revert to royal control. The King accepted the philanthropic aims of Georgia in granting the charter, but he also made clear that the colony was supposed to increase the commerce of Britain and serve as a buffer state for the protection of the southern frontier. The genesis of Georgia arose from this threefold set of motives - philanthropic, commercial, and military.

What is short for Democratic Party?

The short of Democratic part is the situation where by the members meet together to discuss their democratic issues.

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In what state are supreme court justices appointed by the Governor?

Many states have a provision that allows the Governor to nominate or appoint a state supreme court justice, or to make a short-term appointment that is later approved or rejected by voters.

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Is gov a word in scrabble?

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Is it true that in state elections only the governor lieutenant governor and members of the state legislature would be elected under the short ballot system?

Yes, it is true that in state elections only the governor lieutenant governor and members of the state legislature would be elected under the short ballot system.

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