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Q: Why was foreign aid so important to the American cause?
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Why was foreign aid important to the American cause?

Foreign aid was essential because the rebels did not have the resources, training, or manpower to fight the British alone. The Revolutionary war would not have been won if it had not been for the french and their aid with soldiers, rations, combat weapons and gear etc

The most important foreign aid received by the americans was what?

The most important foreign aid received by the Americans was the assistance of additional soldiers that would work together with the American soldiers.

How would you describe American foreign aid programs and why might there be criticism of it?

US Foreign aid is a program that probably few if any nations in the world offer.

What are the release dates for To the Contrary - 1992 American Foreign Aid and Family Planning 6-36?

To the Contrary - 1992 American Foreign Aid and Family Planning 6-36 was released on: USA: 28 November 1997

What is the significance of foreign aid to African countries?

Foreign aid is important because countries with resources have an obligation to help countries in need. This includes food, medicine, and military aid.

How did foreign aid helped America?

When USA had the American Revolution, the French helped us in the end of the revolution

Foreign aid is intended to result in what?

Foreign aid is intended to result in development.

What are the effectiveness of foreign aid?

If used correctly, foreign aid can be very beneficial. It is important for aid to go toward sustainable development. It is also important for aid to be transparent. If countries know where other countries are spending their aid, the money will be divided equally among places and programs. If aid is going to the right projects it has the power to do a lot. A good example of this is the Millennium Villages Project. This Project has been very successful with development in villages in Africa.

What are the Disadvantages of foreign aid to developing countries?

A disadvantage of foreign aid to a developing country might be the amount of money used for foreign aid when domestic aid is needed. It can be known up front if the aid will benefit the developing country.

What aid does Malaysia receive from Australia?

Foreign aid

How much foreign aid does russia give United States?

Russia does not give foreign aid to the usa. In fact Russia killed most or all of it's foreign aid back in the 90's with the collapse of the Soviet Union and has just recently started a foreign aid program again.

What is foreign aid?

Foreign aid is help such as economic or military assistance provided by one country to another.