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Q: Why was president Lincoln pleased with general Sherman but the southerners were not?
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President Lincoln was reelected because?

General Sherman Captured Atlanta.

Why did President Lincoln place General McClellan under the command of General Halleck?

because they wanted beaten so hard the southerners .

This person visited president Abraham Lincoln in the white house in 1864?

Union General William T. Sherman visited president Abraham Lincoln in the White House in 1964. During the visit, Sherman presented the captured city of Georgia to Lincoln as a present.

When did general sherman had war on civilians?

Summer of 1864; that time Lincoln got reelected to be president again

Which Civil War general's victory at Atlanta secured President Lincoln's reelection?

William T. Sherman

What did southerners think about general William t sherman?

We still hate him.

What city did General Sherman present to President Lincoln as a Christmas gift in 1864?

The Confederate city of Savannah. William P. Sherman had finished his historical march to the sea, starting off by capturing Georgia and ripping his way to the east coast. His final city he overthrew was the city of Savannah , which he gave to his idol President Lincoln as a rather large Christmas gift.

What candidate was helped by the capture of atlanta in 1864?

The capture of Atlanta by General Sherman in 1864 helped the candidacy of President Abraham Lincoln. He would be reelected as president that year.

In the movie Gone With the Wind what did southerners think about general William t sherman?

We still hate him.

5 important people from the civil war?

Union President Abraham Lincoln, General US Grant and Gen William T. Sherman; Confederate President Jefferson Davis and General Robert E. Lee

What did William T. Sherman have to do with the US Civil War?

Major General William Tecumseh Sherman fought for the Union in the Western theater of the Civil War, serving under Ulysses S. Grant in the Battle of Shiloh and the Siege of Vicksburg. When President Lincoln ordered Grant to the Eastern theater to defeat Robert E. Lee, Sherman was promoted to commander in the Western theater. It was at this time that Sherman began his invasion of Georgia. On September 2, 1864, Sherman was able to capture Atlanta, which may have contributed to Lincoln's re-election in the presidential election of 1864. General Sherman's tactics were ruthless and were in line with both General Grant and US President Lincoln's ideas on how to end the war as fast as possible. This is questioned as many Union soldiers lost their lives needlessly and the "political agenda" of US President Lincoln may be viewed with a critical eye.

Why did some southerners reject shermans plan to give land to former slaves?

Many southerners felt this was a violation of the Constitution. General Sherman was a general in the Union Army during the Civil war.