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The main reason is that the colonies sent delegates to the convention for the strict purpose of amending the Articles of Confederation, not creating a new Constitution to completely replace the Articles. The delegates kept much of their deliberations secret by using the "Committee of the Whole" as a device to evade having to record some of the actual discussions and resolutions. Under the Convention's customary rules, whatever was discussed in open session had to be recorded. Whatever was discussed in committees did not. So in order to discuss a full replacement of the Articles secretly, the Congress frequently went into what they called a "committee of the whole", which just happened to comprise the whole entire Congress. This way the whole Congress could discuss the new Constitution but did not have to record the discussion, because it was being discussed in a "committee". They knew that if some states found out they were devising a new government rather than just fixing the old one, those states would have re-called their delegations. As it turned out anyway, many states accused the Congress of going beyond its authority and creating something that was unauthorized and void. Despite those arguments, the Constitution was still ratified..

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Q: Why was the discussion of the constitutional convention kept secret?
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Why were the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention kept secret?

The reason why the framers kept the proceedings of the Philadelphia convention a secret is because they feared that if people knew about their arguments they would not except the new constitution. Also if people new about their discussions they would not feel as free to discuss their ideas.

Why were no formal kept at the constitutional convention?

Records were kept at the convention by James Madison.

Why were there no formal records kept at the constitutional convention?

Records were kept at the convention by James Madison.

Why did the Philadelphia Convention impose a rule of secrecy?

The Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia was kept secret from the public to prevent interference. Details were finally released to the public in 1840.

How did the citizens ratify a constitution?

Citizens didn't ratify it nor have a say in what was in it. The constitutional convention kept it secret the entire time and it was the delegates who ratified it.

Who kept detailed diary at the Constitutional Convention?

James Madison held accurate notes during the constitutional convention

Who kept the notes during the constitutional convention?

cassie tatum

Who kept the record of the debates at the constitutional convention?

James Maddison

Who kept the written records of the Constitutional Convention?

James Madison

Who kept good notes of the Constitutional convention?

James Madison

Who kept the records of the debates at the Constitutional convention?

James Maddison

Kept the only existing written record of the debates at the Constitutional Convention?

The written record of the debates that occurred at the Constitutional Convention were kept by James Madison. Madison served as the 4th U.S. President.