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may be in glorious revolution, was with out flowing blood a king conqure the area and due to no killing , or murders of people they called it glorious revolution nas well as bloodless revolution

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Q: Why was the glorious revolution sometimes called the bloodless revolution?
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Why was it called the glorious revolution?

it was a bloodless revolution

What is the bloodless revolution that transferred power in the English monarch called?

Glorious Revolution

Why was Glorious Revolution called ''glorious''?

Because the people solved their objective before they had a chance to fight or in other words it was a bloodless revolution. :)

Why was the bloodless revolution so important?

The bloodless revolution, also known as the peaceful revolution or velvet revolution, was important because it marked a transition from communist rule to democracy in Central and Eastern Europe. It demonstrated that change could be achieved without resorting to violence and paved the way for democratic reforms in countries such as Czechoslovakia and East Germany. The bloodless revolution also had a significant impact on the end of the Cold War and the reunification of Germany.

Glorious revolution definition?

The time period of 1688-1689 which is also called the Bloodless revolution. This led to James II being replaced by daughter, Mary II and her husband, William.

What was the Glorious Revolution 1689?

During most revolutions a lot of blood is spilled but in this one the term 'Glorious' is meaning that this revolution was bloodless. King William 111, Prince of Orange who lived from 1688 - 1704 was the main cause to the glorious part of this revolution, His triumph over James 11 was bloodless. 1.When William invaded England all of James 11's forces deserted him leaving him cowardly, which led to him deserting England forever. 2.William tried not to make the revolution bloody and succeeded easyly because of James's Flee. He was left nothing and went to live with his mommy.

What was the England Revolution?

It was also called the Glorious Revolution.

What was it called when william and Mary replaced king James?

The Glorious revolution.

What is the time called when William of orange overthrew king James II?

The Glorious Revolution

Why was the glorious revolution glorious?

It was a religio-political event in the England of William and Mary ( Mary II). It was so-called from the religious connotations of the adjective ( look at all the hymns using the word Gloria or variants-including Christmas songs. Basically it was an alleged new era of religious tolerance of different denominations- such as Roman Catholics in The United Kingdom. So-called from its spiritual nature and relative lack of violence- the battleground was in the spirit- not in the fields of war!

The glorious revolution brought the Stuart monarch Charles II to the English throne?

No the Restoration brought Charles II, to the throne. The so-called 'Glorious Revolution', saw James II, lose it! 1688.

Why there was never a revolution in Britain like France n America?

Britain had civil wars, one of which was sometimes called the Glorious Revolution and involved Oliver Cromwell. The king was deposed and executed and a Parliamentary republic was established. After about a generation, the Royalists prevailed and restored the monarchy.