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Q: Why was the invention of the idea of citizenship important to the dvelopment of democracy?
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What are some of the cultural achievements of the Greeks?

They are credited with the invention of democracy and philosophy.

Is a dictatorship that pretends to be a democracy is an example of a representative democracy?

No they are still a dictatorship. If the representative aspects of their supposed democracy are fictitious or an invention to facilitate their dictatorial rule they are simply a dictatorship.

How was the invention of direct democracy linked to city states?

I need help with this question.

What are the most important thing about the invention of the laptop?

laptop portability is the most important invention

Why was the invention of the compass so important?

The compass was an important invention because people knew where they were going !

What invention did the Sumerians invent that was very important?

The wheel invention

In Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH what was the rats most important invention?

the most important invention was the plow

What makes an invention important?

An invention is important due to its expressive creativity point and unique style of idea. An invention can be very useful once created or formed.

What was the purpose of Henry Bessemers invention?

Why is Henry Bessemer's invention important?

Which important Chinese invention occurred in 868 AD?

The invention of gunpower :)

What do you think is the worlds MOST important invention?

1. the invention of computers 2. the invention of human kind 3. the invention of inventing!

Why is the gps the most important invention of all time?

While GPS is helpful it is not the most important invention of all time. Some would say computers are the most important invention of all time. However what powers both of these things? Electricity seems to be the most important invention of all time.