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Q: Why was the timing of Nixon's foreign policy achievements particularly important?
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Which of president Gerald Ford's actions helped restore confidence in the government?

he continued richard nixons foreign policy

What was the main focus of nixons presidency?

foreign policy

What were nixons achievements abroad?

1974 he ended the Vietnam War. Opened China to trade.

What were president nixons achievements abroad?

1974 he ended the Vietnam war. Opened China to trade.

What was Nixons foreign policy?

he was the first to visit china, and your welcome i answered ur question

What was Nixon's main foreign policy goal?

Nixons main forein policy goal was to seek normalization of relations.

When was The Nixons created?

The Nixons was created in 1990.

How high point of President Nixons foreign policy efforts?

His trip to China, which led to official recognition of that country.

Nixons visit to china was important because?

no president had visited there since the communist government took power

Which six presidents had daughters to marry?

President Nixons daughter married President Nixons daughter married

How did nixons foreign policy beliefs represent a change for the us?

Richard Nixon's predecessors would not negotiate or associate with leaders of communist countries. Richard Nixon changed this policy by going to China.

What is nixons nickname?

Tricky Dicky