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Because it might have allowed new slave-states.

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bc it was abd

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Q: Why were many abolitionists against the Kansas-Nebraska act?
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How did the northern react to the fugitive slave act?

Northern Abolitionists did not react favorably to the Fugitive Slave Act. This is because it supported the cause they were against.

How did abolitionists try to get around the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850?

The Fugitive Slave Act was an add-on to the 1850 Missouri Compromise. Many people, not just abolitionists didn't like it at all. Even people not against slavery did not believe it was their responsibility to help enforce it whether they received rewards or not. So basically, the abolitionists found allies among Northern people not wanting to get involved.

Why did many people from the north oppose the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

Many Abolitionists opposed it, but most Northerners were not Abolitionists. The reason they opposed it was because it could have allowed new slave-states, if the local population voted for it.

How did the northern abolitionist reacted to the fugitive slave act?

Northern Abolitionists did not react favorably to the Fugitive Slave Act. This is because it supported the cause they were against.

Which group of people supported the Fugitive Slave Act?


Why were abolitionists so upset about the fugitive act?

Abolitionists were upset about the Fugitive Slave Act because it required citizens to assist in capturing and returning escaped slaves, denying them the right to a fair trial. This further entrenched the institution of slavery and undermined the efforts of abolitionists to help enslaved individuals escape to freedom.

Describe how northern abolitionists reacted to the fugitive slave act?

by helping the slaves to escape into Canada

Who opposed to the fugitive slave act?

Many abolitionists, such as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman, openly opposed the Fugitive Slave Act because they viewed it as supporting and perpetuating the institution of slavery. Northerners, in general, were also critical of the law as it forced them to aid in the capture and return of escaped slaves, which went against their own beliefs about freedom and justice.

Who was upset by the kansas Nebraska act?

The Abolitionists, because it could allow the creation of new slave states.

Why did antislavery groups in the North oppose the Fugitive Slave Act?

Abolitionists were a group of people who were ardently against the practice of slavery. This is key to understanding their disagreement of the Fugitive slave act. The fugitive slave act was part of the compromise of 1850 which sought to fix the short comings of the Missouri compromise. It established the practice of popular sovereignty to decide whether or not an incoming state would be a slave state or a free state. The fugitive slave act itself required that any slave that escaped from a slave state and into a free state was required by law to be returned to their owner. It also empowered bounty hunters to capture escaped slaves to collect on their bounties. However what this did was allow bounty hunters to capture many free African Americans and claim that they were a slave. For not only being forced to tolerate slaver but to actually aid the practice abolitionists were upset. However this emotion was only deepened by the fact that many free men were being taken as slaves.

How many colonists protested against the townshend act?

around 3000

Why were the Indians against rowlatt act?

why were the indians against the rowlatt act?