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Towns were important because they were the main protestant areas. The town was where they had they protestant churches, the main market where people could trade and it would have been where the guards were so they could enforce the common law.

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Q: Why were towns important in the ulster plantation?
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Who ruled the ulster plantation?

Ulster Plantation was ruled by King James I of England and VI of Scotland.

Who came to Ireland during the Ulster plantation?

scottish and English came to Ireland in the plantation

What are facts about the ulster plantation?

it was by england n scotland

What did ulster plantation settlers work as?

Cheese sellers

Which king instigated the of the Ulster Plantation?

King James I (James VI in Scotland)

Did the ulster plantation take place in the middle of the sixteenth century?

the beginning of the 17th century

Where did brithish rulers encourage English and scottish proestants to settle?

Irish lands, particularly in Ulster, through colonization projects such as the Plantation of Ulster in the 17th century.

Did the Munster plantation fail?

Because Irish people and an army from Ulster rebelled against the English

What was the role London guilds in the plantation of ulster?

They were mainly from London and they had also been involved in the Virgina Plantations

When was protestants introduced in Ireland?

The English first arrived in 1169 (as Normans) but they were Christian, not Protestants. The Protestant Faith was established Martin Luther when he PROTESTED against the abuses in the Catholic Church. Following the English reformation under Henry VIII there was a desire to spread the Protestant faith to Ireland. This was done through a series of Plantations - Laois and Offaly were the first in 1556. However, the most successful plantation of Ireland was the 3rd Plantation - the Plantation of Ulster (1606). It is the legacy of this plantation which is largely responsible for the conflict between Ulster and the rest of Ireland, and the conflict within Ulster.

Where did the Ulster Scots settle?

Ulster Scots settled in Northern Ireland during the Plantation of Ulster in the 17th century, particularly in the counties of Antrim, Down, Donegal, and Londonderry. They also later emigrated to other parts of the world, including the United States, Canada, and Australia.

What way did the Irish react to the ulster plantation?

They have resented the British ever since. However if they knew their history they would know that the Ulster-Scots who were planted there, were in fact in Ireland long before the Irish invaded Ireland in 149AD.