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Campaign contributions give faster results than lawsuits or mass mobilization- you are dealing with one person (the politician you are funding); it buys the candidate's loyalty and support; it provides access when the interest group needs assistance; it is more effective on a single, focused issue; you don't need a large group of people to back you up (as with mass mobilization).

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Q: Why would an interest group choose campaign contributions?
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How do contributions influence voting behavior?

Evidence shows that congress members who vote for a bill favored by a certain interest group have received on average far larger campaign contributions from that group than have members votingagainst the bill.

Is it illegal for an interest group to make a political contribution to a candidate's campaign fund?

No. The Supreme Court took off restrictions on political contributions in a ruling in 2013. That is one reason so much money is now involved in political campaigns. The small contributions can not compete with the millions that have come into the system to pay for interest based legislation.

Where does most of the money an interest group collects come from?

membership dues and contributions

When does a grassroots lobbying campaign occur?

When an interest group mobilizes its members and their families throughout the country to write their representatives in support of the group's position.

A PAC attempts to benefit the members of an interest group by?

raising and contributing campaign funds to canidates who agree with the views

What Impact does campaign advertising have on election?

Campaign advertising has a huge impact on elections. they draw large numbers of people to a specific group or campaign. it helps get campaign ideas across and allows to get more people interested.

Why would an interest group choose litigation?

Look at the NAACP back in the 1950's

What effect will new technologies have on the influence of interest groups?

Interest group can do mass look-ups and mass mailing and have time to do campaign sites and put out poster because they will be able to get more posters and campaign to meet and greet the people to gain support and votes

Why do members of congress pay attention to personal popularity of a president?

interest group contributions often depend on perceptions of proximity with popular presidents.

Which statement about political action committees (PACs) is true?

most PACs associated with interest groups can only collect funds from group members interest groups can establish nonconnected PACs that accept contributions from the public

Are hired by interest groups in order to pass or kill legislation in Congress that would benefit or hurt the interests of the members of group?

campaign managers c: :* ;)

A political action committee attempts to benefit the members of an interest group by?

raising and contributing campaign funds to canidates who agree with the views.! Plato<3