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There are several reasons why the government would garnish one's Social Security check. One example would be, if one has some pending tax payments. The IRS might then evaluate other possibilities in order to get the bills paid.

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Q: Why would the government garnish your Social Security check?
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Can the Utah dept. of Recovery Services garnish my monthly disability check from Social Security for back child support?

No Retirement or Social Security can be garnish.

Can the federal government garnish the total amount of your social security check?

For unpaid taxes and unpaid student loans, yes.

Can social security take your check if you are a co-signer on a student loan?

If you are on social security you should not be cosigning on a student loan. You would be guaranteeing that if the student doesn't pay off the loan you will. The federal government can garnish your social security benefits to recover student loan payments.

Can a student Loan take money when your social security disability check under 750?

Can a student Loan garnish money, From your social security disability check when it is under $750.00

Can child support garnish all of your social security check?

No, only up to 50%, and not at all if you are on SSI. see links below

In what states can your disability check be garnished?

can the state of maryland garnish my government disability check for back taxes owed the state of maryland ?no they cannot, disability or social security cannot be garnished, Except for child support and Federal TAXES.

Can the IRS levy or garnish a Social Security Disability Settlement Check?

Social Security does not allow garnishment of disability benefits by creditors. Any credit card company, business, or individual who has won a judgment against you will never garnish your Social Security disability check.Social Security will allow garnishment of your Social Security disability benefits for current and past due child support or alimony. And the Internal Revenue Service is allowed to garnish Social Security disability and retirement benefits for delinquent taxes.Also, in addition to the IRS, other federal agencies may be allowed to garnish Social Security disability benefits.For instance, if an individual owes student loans that were federally guaranteed their Social Security disability benefit can be garnished.In theory, any money owed to the federal government can conceivably be garnished from Social Security retirement or disability checks.If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefits, however, no creditor can garnish your benefit, not even the Federal Government. Since SSI is a need based disability benefit, it cannot be garnished.

Can a creditor garnish wages on a bank account of a VA check and Social Security check?

No but you must prove that money in the account came from those sources and not from gainful employment...

Can the state of Indiana garnish your social security check?

Yes if you owe child support or back taxes those are the only two reasons.

Can a credit card judgment garnish your social security in Florida?

I'm sure the law must be the same for ss in every state. No !!! your social security can not be garnished by anyone but the United States Government. Period. The creditor can get a judgment and put a hold on your acct in an attempt to garnish it. Stay calm and work with your bank. I had mine settled in a day. There is a form for you to check off informing the court that you truly do only have Social Security Deposits in the bank and no other income. If your bank is as good as mine they will walk you right through it. I am in the state of Oklahoma

Can a Social Security Disability check be taken for taxes?

The IRS can garnish up to 15% of your Social Security Disability check unless you work out an alternate repayment plan or are categorized as "uncollectible" due to income and expenses. It would be in your best interest to contact the IRS to discuss your options.

Can a bank garnish ssi check?

No, banks cannot garnish Social Security benefits, including Supplemental Security Income (SSI), for most types of debts. These funds are protected from being seized by creditors under federal law.