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The Constitution can be changed. It is a difficult process and quite rightly so but the people can do away with the current constitution and start all over. Because it is difficult to redo a constitutional government, there are those, believing the constraints placed upon government and the freedoms acknowledged by the constitution make it impossible for government to govern. These are the people who reinterpret the Constitution in ways that allow government to expand the scope of their jurisdiction and legally disregard the natural rights of the people. It is one thing to take a liberal view of the Constitution and another thing entirely to claim the Constitution says what it does not say.

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Q: Will changing the interpretation of the constitution make the constitution weak?
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Is it true that changing the interpretation of the constitution what makes us weak?

Yes Its true

Does the federalist support loose or strict construction?

A weak central government. a confederation, and individual rights.

What is confederal constitution?

Confederal constitution is type of constitution that provides for a weak central goverment

What aspects of the state constitution did not influence the writers of the constitution?

Some crafted a weak executive.

Is it better to have a strong or weak constitution?

a strong constitution because you can protect your country easier.

What was the main reasons for changing the articles of confederation?

They change it to Constitutional Convention because Articles of Confederation was to weak.

What is the foundation of democracy Thomas Jefferson believed?

faith in common man strict interpretation of constitution national debt was a curse power to states no special privileges favored democracy by masses

Why were the US Constitution written?

because the articles of federalration was to weak.

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The weak Confederate constitution

Why did the second constutuion create a weak gonverment?

There is no second constitution.

Did the articles of confederation create a weak government or did it meet the needs of the nation?

very weak, thats why the constitution had to be written.

What part of the US constitution protects the weak from the strong?

The chroman law.