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Q: Do vampires turn into spiders
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What animals can vampires turn into?

They can turn into bats, owls, spiders and wolves

What animals do people believe vampires can turn themselves into?

Vampires mostly turn into bats but there are some sources which have them able to turn into other animals - wolves, rats, spiders...

What amimals can vampires turn into?

vampires in twilight don't turn into animals, but other vampires turn into bats

How are bats associated with vampires and vampire legends?

Initially if you think about it, vampires were thought to live in castles in the middle of large untamed forests. These castles were extremely old and housed all sorts of creatures, spiders, bats, and such. And because the legends say Vampires are nocturnal, bats are as well. Also goes back to the Legend that Vampires can turn into bats.

What can vampires turn into?

Vampires can turn into wolves, mist, fog, cats, and bats.

Do vampires turn animals into vampires?

no vampires venom is deadly to animals

Do vampires turn into white wolves?

Vampires are fictional, they turn into anything the author wishes them to.

What happens to a vampires victim?

Just like spiders,vampires contain venom.When vampires suck the victim's blood,the venom enters the body.When the venom enters the body,the victim turns into a vampire.The only difference is: spiders crawl & have a different venom & vampires have bigger fangs,different venom & eye color changing.

Do vampires turn people into vampires?

In stories, movies, and folklore. In reality, vampires do not exist.

Is there any way to infect npc s with the vampires disease or just turn them into vampires on the elder scrolls oblivion?

No, there is not. Feeding on them will not turn people into vampires.

How are people transformed into vampires in True Blood?

They Disapparate and turn into Vampires.

Can vampires fly?

Well, Vampires can turn into bats and fly, but besides that, NO!