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Q: Is a poison dart frog a consumer or a producer?
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Is a poison dart frog a second level consumer?


Is a poison dart frog a consumer or decomposer?

They are consumers.

What is the marking of the blue poison dart frog?

what is the marking of the poison dart frog

What is the biggest poison dart frog?

The biggest species of poison dart frog is Phyllobates terribilis, at up to 3 inches long.

What is the world deadliest amphibian?

1 poison dart frog(golden)2 poison dart frog(blue)3 poison dart frog(red)4 poison dart frog(pink)5 poison dart frog(green)6 cane toad 7 fire belly toad

What kind of poison does a poison dart frog shoot out?

No poison dart frog shoots it poison. They ooze if from their skin. The type of poison depends on the species of frog.

How did the poison dart frog get its name?

because of their skin they got the name "poison dart frog"

When was Strawberry poison-dart frog created?

Strawberry poison-dart frog was created in 1857.

How does a poison dart frog obtain its materials?

a poison dart frog obtains its materials by eating it

Which poison dart frogs are endangered?

the most endangered frog is the blue poison dart frog!!!

What is a Red poison dart frog?

A red poison dart frog, or any poison dart frog is a species of frog that has a highly toxic fluid in its skin that can poison an animal simply by touching it. The cyanide from the frog transfers to the skin of an animal and into its pores.

Can you eat the poison dart frog?

NO. You cannot eat a poison dart frog. IT IS POISONOUS and if you eat it you will DIE.