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Q: What are the adaptations of an adult amphibian for obtaing air?
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What is the change an amphibian goes through as it develops from from a larval tadpole to adult?

As the amphibian goes from larval to tadpole stage it losses its gills and develops lungs to breathe air and also limbs are formed to walk better on land in case of frogs

What are the adaptations of air animals?

You are not being specific enough. There are many different adaptations for different 'air' animals

Amphibian lungs don't have to be as efficient as gills because?

Amphibian lungs do not have to be as efficient as gills because there is much more oxygen in air than in water.

What saclike organ takes oxygen from the air and delivers it to the blood on an amphibian?

The lungs are the saclike organ in amphibians that take in oxygen from the air. Oxygen is then transferred from the lungs to the bloodstream through a process called respiration. This allows the amphibian to breathe and obtain the necessary oxygen for metabolic processes.

Is a dolphins a reptile fish or amphibian?

A dolphin is neither reptile, amphibian, or fish. It is a mammal. It comes up to the surface of the water to breathe air through it's blowhole.

What is a vertebrate that begins it's life breathing water and grows up to breathe air?


IS seahorse an amphibhian?

A Seahorse is not an amphibian, it does not have the ability to breath air such as frogs, toads and newts. Seahorses are small marine fishes

What are 3 mechanisms and adaptations for seed dispersal?

Three mechanisms for seed dispersal are wind dispersal (seeds carried by wind currents), animal dispersal (seeds carried by animals), and water dispersal (seeds carried by water currents). Adaptations for seed dispersal include structures like wings or hairs on seeds that aid in wind dispersal, fruit that attracts animals to eat and disperse seeds, and buoyant seed coats that enable water dispersal.

What adaptations help a bird obtain oxygen for flight?

air sacs

What is a type of an amphibian?

An amphibious creature is a creature that can live it's life both on land and in the sea, such as a frog. Most amphibians are air breathers, but, a very few can breath both the oxygen in the air, (above the water), and breath the oxygen under water (below the surface).

Why does an adult need so many air sacs in their lungs?

adult got more air sacs than children because there lungs are bigger than children so the air sacs have to fit in the adult's lungs

What adaptations help a bird obtain enough oxygen for flight?

air sacs