What are the gator colors?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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orange and blue

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Q: What are the gator colors?
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What are the colors of the gator football team?

Orange and blue.

What is the Florida gators colors?

Blue,Or@nge,Green anybody noes th@t

How do you play gator?

Gator Bloodline

What are Tampa university colors?

The University of Florida's colors are orange and blue. White is also a common color among Gator fans!

Who came up with the phrase if you ain't a gator then you must be gator bait?

Lawrence Wright after the 1996 National Championship game against Florida State. "If you ain't a Gator, you must be Gator Bait! Florida State..."Gator Bait""

When was Gator Golf created?

Gator Golf was created in 1994.

When did Revenge of the 'Gator happen?

Revenge of the 'Gator happened in 1989.

When was Gator Tales created?

Gator Tales was created in 1988.

When did Tail 'Gator happen?

Tail 'Gator happened in 1991.

When was Gator's Dockside created?

Gator's Dockside was created in 1991.

When was Gator Bowl created?

Gator Bowl was created in 1946.

When was 'Gator Bait created?

'Gator Bait was created in 1974.