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They use ducks.

Ducks are excellent building material, if I were ever to be stranded in a pond for any reason, I would simply use the ducks that surround me to compose a duck shelter.

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Q: What do frogs use to make a frog nursery?
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Can you chat with your frog on racing frogs?

yes but im not really sure how i use to chat with the frog but now i forgot how

Do arrow poison frog shoot their poison?

Poison Dart Frogs do not shoot their poison. They are named Dart Frogs because natives in South America used to use them to make the tips of their arrows poisonous.

What is a climbing frog?

A climbing frog is a type of frog with specialized toe pads and strong limbs that allow it to climb vertical surfaces like trees, rocks, or walls. These frogs use their unique physical adaptations to move between different levels in their habitat and escape predators.

What spell do you need to use to get the 4 squids away in secretbuilders?

you need to turn them into frogs. use the frog spell.

Where are the legs attached on a frog?

The legs of frogs are attached on their sides. They use them to jump. They also use their limbs to swim.

What do frogs eat in the rain forest?

Too give birth, some frogs use their legs to make foam to lay eggs in. Others, lay their eggs on leaves to keep them moist. Also, some lay their eggs on leaves, wait for them to hatch and then the male frog will carry the tadpoles to little pools in trees and then the mother goes back and feeds them infertilized eggs. Another adaption would be their suction pads on their toes that secrete a sticky mucus, enabling the frog to cling to tree trunks and branches. Other types have wild colored skin and that lets the predator know that they are poisonous and nothing will try to harm them.

How does the location of a frogs teeth and a human's teeth differ?

Human teeth are use for chewing and grabbing. Frogs have teeth on the top of their jaw. Frog teeth are use mainly to hold the prey.

How frog protect themselves from predators?

Many frogs are poisonous, and/or taste bad. They advertise this fact to their predators through the use of colors on their skin. Some frogs camoflauge themselves by having skin colour similar to their surroundings. eg Green tree frog has the colour of a leaf. Some frogs mimic the colours of a poisonous frog, to trick their predators into thinking they are poisonous. Finally, frogs may jump or swim away when they think a predator is after them.

Can frog lives with tortise?

no, frogs eat tortoise and then use their shells as little boats to float on and keep out of the sun

How do you make a frog deck?

Frog decks uses the Field Spell Wetlands that will increase the ATK of all level 2 or lower Water Aqua monsters by 1200. You can use T.A.D.P.O.L.E. (Which will also give you 2 more) or stalling Frog cards like Substitoad along with Dupe Frog or Flip Flop Frog and Treeborn Frog to defend in order to build up combos. For example, T.A.D.P.O.L.E.s can power up your Beelze Frogs to 2100 ATK, a pretty high attack for a level three monster. Since Frogs are all low- level, you can use cards that benefit from this, like Pride of the Weak or Graceful Revival. Also remember that Frogs have an unlimited amount of monster milling due to Substitoad. Big Wave Small Wave can be useful for bringing out Des Frog form your hand. Water Hazard is another powerful Spell that can allows you to Special Summon frogs from your hand.

Can frogs sing?

yes frogs can cry because when i was little i played with a frog and i went to go pet it and it started to make a croaking noise but then it began to wine and make this baby cry sound,as a tried to comfort it it still cried but with it's mouth lie!

Who is Kermit the frogs friend?

Kermit is a puppet. He can not be any type of frog.