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They just hop away.

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by running away

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Q: What do northern leopard frogs do to protect themselves?
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What do northern leopard frogs drink?

Becuase Northern Leopard Frogs are an amphibian and live in swamps they should drink water.

What do northern leopard frogs eat?

they eat insects

What do baby northern leopard frogs eat?

Baby frogs are tadpoles. Tadpoles eat algae.

What eats northern leopard frogs?

Hawks And some sorts of snakes

What do frogs protect themselves from?


Where does northern leopard frogs live in Saskatchewan?

They live in all of Saskatchewan except the northern corner, i think.

How do northern leopard frogs reproduce?

sex, just like anything that can reproduce

How does a frogs survive how does a frog survive?

Frogs just get food and protect themselves

Do the northern leopard frogs live in the prairies?

No, they live in most places where there is water, like a swamp.

How many leopard frogs are thire?

how many leopard frogs are there

How do frogs protect themselves from too much cold or too much heat?

They protect themselves by their thick, moist skin.

How man offspring do a pair of leopard frogs have in a year?

Leopard frogs do not not produce human (man) offspring, they produce more leopard frogs.