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The chick egg has much more yolk than the frog egg. A blastopore in frog egg and a premitive groove in chick egg both have the same basic function which is to mark the origin of gastrulation

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Q: What is the difference between blastula of frog and chick?
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Compare the frogs blastula with that of a sea star?

The frog blastula is formed through holoblastic cleavage, resulting in a multicellular blastula with a fluid-filled cavity (blastocoel). In contrast, the sea star blastula is formed through radial holoblastic cleavage, leading to a solid blastula with no blastocoel. Additionally, the frog blastula undergoes gastrulation to form a gastrula with three germ layers, while the sea star blastula directly develops into a bipinnaria larva without gastrulation.

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