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Well, we will never know what they called it, but now we call them Heirogylphs or Heiroglyphics.

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Q: Ancient Egyptians used pictographs for writing This system of writing they developed is called?
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Who developed a hieroglyphic system of writing?

The Egyptians developed a hieroglyphic writing system.

Who gave Egyptians hieroglyphics?

Nobody gave hieroglyphs to the ancient Egyptians - they developed the writing system themselves.

What did the shang develop?

the shangs developed the writing system,and pictographs

What is the writing system of the ancient Egyptians called?

The ancient Egyptians had a form of pictorial writing called hieroglyphs. The hieroglyphs were various pictures that stood for single letter sounds or the sounds of multiple letters put together.The name of the Ancient Egyptian writing system is called "hieroglyphics."These were pictographs, picture symbols that could represent letter sounds, words and phrases.Hieroglyphics.Hieroglyphics.

How did the Shang develop writing?

shang developed writing by using pictographs which is similar to mdern chinese writing

How did shang develop writing?

shang developed writing by using pictographs which is similar to mdern chinese writing

What was the name of the egyptians evolved a writing system that used pictographs to represent words and sounds?

Hieroglyphic writing system.

What was ancient Ghana's writing system?

They used a form of writing called Cuneiform. Cuneiform formed from the ancient writing called pictographs. Pictographs used pictures to describe words, cuneiform used shapes, such as blocks, as letters.

Where did pictographs originate?

Pictographs are believed to have originated in ancient civilizations such as the Sumerians in Mesopotamia and the Egyptians in North Africa around 3000 BCE. These early forms of writing used simple drawings or symbols to convey meaning and communicate information.

Who created hieroglyphics?

The Ancient Egyptians.

Egyptians developed their own system of writing called?

The Egyptians developed a style of writing that was called hieroglyphics.

Which civilization developed a system of wrighting using hieroglyphs?

The civilization that developed a system of writing using hieroglyphs is the Egyptian civilization. They were very advanced with their writing system.