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How did cavemen understand each other

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Q: How did cavemen understand each other?
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Did animals help cavemen?

no they killed each other

Were cavemen dangerous?

They had fire and weapons strong enough to kill animals (and other cavemen.)

Can all birds understand each other?

No, but many understand each others alarm calls.

How are mammoths and elephants different?

They are related to each other but the elephant doesnt have fur whereas the mamoth does and mammoths were roaming around when there were cavemen

Who invented biological weapons?

nature did. the cavemen used sticks (biological weapon) to attack other cavemen

What are two other names for vikings?


What were the earliest siege engines?

Probably the battering rams and assault ladders. Cavemen ramming other cavemen into mammoths lol.

How has relationship marketing developed?

Understand each other

Can dogs understand each other?

yes be cuz they can

Why are birds closer to birds than mammals?

Because birds understand each other better because they are the same species. It's a bit like cats and dogs. They don't understand each other but cats do understand other cats.

Did cavemen hunt cows?

No, crows hadn't evolved in the time of Cavemen. But they may have hunted other kinds of birds such as prehistoric brees.

Can everyone in China understand each other?

Basically yes.