How was gold first mined?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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it was first mined by placer mining method of washing the dirt from around the small pieces of gold found in creeks.

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Q: How was gold first mined?
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Who first mined gold in the Andes mountains?

a person

What is gold and diamonds mined in?

Gold and diamonds are both mined in the earth.

Where in the world can gold be mined or found?

Gold can be mined in gold mines.....

What are the 3 minerals mined in Canada?

There are many types of minerals which are mined in Canada. Four of them are iron, salt, gold, and sulphur.

Why are gold and silver not mined from seawater?

To date, gold and silver can be mined more economically on land.

What product is mined from a 'gold' mine?


Was there a gold rush in North Carolina?

Indeed there was, It occurred in 1799 and was the first gold rush in the US. Gold was mined in North Carolina for many years .

How did the gold miners mine the gold?

they mined the gold with a pickaxe

What is mined at kalgoorlie WA?

Gold is mined at Kalgoorlie. They have a big "super pit" and they are still mining gold today.

How much gold is mined each year?

Something on the order of 2500 tonnes of gold is mined each year.

What was mined in Leadhills Lanarkshire that was not coal?

Lead and silver were mined at Leadhills and, for a time, gold was also mined there.

How is mineral such as gold or copper is mined?

Solid Minerals such as Gold and Copper are mostly mined using the Open Cast Method.