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In Ovid's fasti there is a half bull, half serpent called the Ophiotaurus.

This creature also appears in Rick Riordan's Titan's Curse.

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Q: Is there a mythical creature that is half cow in the front and half snake in the back?
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What does the dragon and the koi fish mean?

A Koi-dragon is mythical Japanese creature that is half koi fish at the back and a dragon front end

Does the the chimera look like a horse?

No it does not, It is a mythical creature described in Homer's Odyssey. It has body of a lioness, a tail that ends in a snake's head, and the head of a goat coming out of her back at the center of her spine.

What is a hypogriff?

A hippogriff is a mythical creature that has the head, front legs and upper body of an eagle, and the back legs, tail and lower body of a horse. It is also similar to a griffin.

Which mythical creature has 2 heads on one body?

Chimaera, a creature that actually had three heads: it looked like a lioness with a goat's head growing out of her back and a tail that ended in a snake's head.

What is the combination of animals of a chimera?

A chimera is a mythical creature typically depicted as a lion with the head of a goat arising from its back and a tail that ends with a snake's head. It combines elements from different animals to create a unique and fantastical being.

What is the biggest and smalest mythical creature?

The world ´s biggest mythical creature must be "The World Turtle", found in Hindu, Chinese and Native American mythology. This turtle was supposed to bear the world on it´s back or even contain it in it´s shell. The world´s smallest mythical creature must be something like a Pixie, large as a wasp but with a humanoid shape.

How do you beat the snake in the volcano on Astro Knights Island?

The snake, or eye creature, or segmented creature is in the volcano. To get past it, jump when it is fully extended. Wait for the creature to roll toward you. Step back and jump once it is laying flat.

What creature has the head of a woman body of a lion and wings of an eagle?

There is a type of creature called a Lammasu that falls under this description. There is a stylized creature called a Spinx popular in European art as well.

How can snakes find their predators who is at the back of the snake?

As a snake has eyes in the front and at the back. Answered by: K.Mounica Sarala.

Years back I read a book in it there was an animal with the front body of a cat and the back half was snake like though it was covered in fur I can't recall what it was called or the title?

The creature is a tatzelwurm! Still don't remember the book though

What is the biggest mythical creature?

Probably the World Turtle, found in multiple cultures. It holds the world on its back, or even, in some myths, inside its shell.

Do earth worms have back and front?

No earthworms don't have a front nor a back its like a picece of string metiforicle speaking or a snake