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Olympus the type of camera

Olympus airlines

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Q: What are some allusions for mt Olympus?
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What are some natural landmarks in Greece?

Mt olympus

This mountain was renowned byancient Greeks to be home to the gods?

Mount Olympus

What is a sea by Mt Olympus?

The Aegean Sea is closest to Mt. Olympus in Greece.

Was Olympus on earth?

Mt Olympus is in Greece.

How much higher is mt elbrus than mt Olympus?

it is 8,940 feet higher than Mt. Olympus.

Which is taller mt cook or mt Olympus?

Mt. Cook is taller at 12,316 feet, versus Mt. Olympus, at 9,570 feet tall.

What is the highest mt in Greece?

Mt. Olympus

Who was Mt. Olympus?

nobody was Mt. Olympus it's just the name of two mountains. Those mountains are the Mt. Olympus in Greece where they said the Greek gods used to live and it is also the place of the first Olympic games. The other Mt. Olympus is on Mars this Mt. Olympus is the tallest mountain in the Milky Way which is just over three times the size of Mt. Everest.

What was home of the most powerful gods?

Mt. Olympus.All the gods lived on Mount Olympus

Is Ares a resident of mt Olympus?

According to Greek myth, yes, Ares lived on Mt. Olympus.

What is the elevation on Mt Olympus?

The real Mt Olympus (not the mythological one) is 2917 meters at its highest peak.

Which mountain is taller mt cook in nz or mt Olympus in Greece?

On Earth, Mt. Everest, in the solar system , Olympus Mons on mars.