What are some strengths of Odysseus?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What are some strengths of Odysseus?
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What are some of Odysseus's strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths: Shows loyalty in his disire to reach home Trickery Leadership over his men WitsWeaknesses: Pride Sensualness

How would you compare strengths of Zeus to Odysseus?

I think a proportion will best explain this answer. Odysseus/Zeus = Grass/Flamethrower

What are Odysseus' strengths and weaknesses?

Strengths: brave, leader, clever, resourceful, trickery, wits Weaknesses: his pride, women, sensualness, stubborn, defiant

What are some of Minerva's strengths?

Minerva also know as Athena had many strengths and weaknesses. Some Strengths were defender, peacemaker, and some weaknesses were she was out of touch with emotions

How did the suitors treat the disguised Odysseus?

Most of the suitors ignored Odysseus. Some of the suitors treated him decently as a beggar, giving him some bread and some soup. Some suitors, like Antinuous, abused Odysseus verbally. Antinous threw a footstool at Odysseus.

What are all of Odysseus' strengths?

Odysseus has many strengths. Some of the best or most noted ones are his cunning and cleverness, which are often noted by gods and goddesses in the story, especially Athena. He thinks ahead, like when he brought wine to the Cyclops cave, worried that they would have to deal with someone unpleasent. He is a great fighter, but that is more noted in the Iliad. He is determined, and spends years trying to get home without giving up, and does his best to try and bring his men home. His mind is really his best asset though. Odysseus is cunning and sly, and will do anything it takes to make it home or reach his goal.

What were some of the mycenae's strengths?


What was Odysseus's spouse?

Odysseus' wife's name was Penelope. He also had some children with Circe.

What are the strengths of a student?

Speaking about the strengths of a student is an uncommon question. Good grades, study habits and diligence are some answers describing the strengths of a student.

What are some of Abigail Williams strengths and weakness?

Some of Abigail strengths is that she is a good liar, wily, smart while some of her weakness are her sexual desires and deception.

What was the Articles of Confederation strengths?

Some strengths of the AOC were they established congress, the northwest ordinance, and the land ordinance of 1785.

Why does the army of the cicones attack odysseus and his men?

The Cicone attack on Odysseus and his men was an act of self-defense and revenge. Odysseus and his men killed some of the Cicone and killed some of the sheep and cattle that belonged to them.