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Ladon the Dragon

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Q: What creature guards the golden apple tree in greek mythology?
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Who owned the golden apple?

The person that owned the golden apple in greek mythology was the hesperides

Who had one golden apple in mythology?


Who got the golden apple in Greek mythology?


Do you eat the golden apple on Mythology Island Poptropica?

yes you do

How do you get the golden apple in Mythology Island?

you have to get the pots for the guy so he will give you it

How many instances of golden apple were featured in Greek mythology?

The golden apple is an interesting plot device used in Greek mythology. There are three instances of its appearance: the story of Atalanta, in the garden of Hesperides, and the judgement of Paris.

What is the golden apple in mythology island used for?

its to be come immortal.

How do use the golden apple on Mythology Island?

You can't use it! It don't let you

Where is the golden apple in Mythology Island?

Just look up cheats and walkthroughs for mythology island poptropica. The answer is more clear.

Does an apple weigh 5 kilograms or 75 grams or 75 kilograms?

75 grams, unless it was the Golden Apple of mythology.

How do you grab the golden apple on Mythology Island?

You have to get all the honey then the satar will give u a sercet passage way to the apple, climb the branch to the apple and you have it.

Where is Lalli in the Fremmink Trials on RuneScape?

Lalli guards the Golden Apple Tree, near the slayer cave.